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    i was not paying full attenton and cannectec the power to the pin 1 (3.3v) and pin 5 (gpio1) instead of pin 2 (5v) and pin 6 (ground) i was connecting this way because i had removed the power connector, lan and usb to make it fit the game boy how i wonted
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    well on a good note the screen is a 5 volt capable and is esay to mod unlike my last one that i killed the pcd on and i still have the listing for it it is a 640x480 one like foobar has upon looking at the ribbon cable i dont think it can do 640x480

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    well the pi maybe dead but work goes on.
    the new screen in and hot glued in place pcb yet to mod did not feel like doing it today.
    the dead pi in place of were the working one will be.
    i found you can safely remove about 3mm of the pcb ethier side with out killing the pi but puting power on the wrong pins will kill it lol we live and learn.

    as you can see above the hole is a little bigger then the screen think many will have this same problem at the sides anyway.
    im trying to work out something to use as a small bead around the egde to tiday it up a bit after all work is done i will be spraying the hole thing black so alot more prep work to do yet.
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    a bit more work done on the mod will soon have another pi to get further along also just waiting on a higher ampage dc inverter

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    it is very surprising what you can fit in here.
    any one who says they don't have room are doing it wrong lol.
    i have yet to fit a usb hub, wifi dongle, wireless keyboard dongle and maybe a large storage pen drive.
    i need to wire up the buttons that going to be the easy part the hard part is doing the coding to make them work.
    alot of sanding prep work and spray it black.
    after all that only coding work should be needed.

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    just another update lol dc invter arrived still working out on were to put it and were to run wires have not ben able to get a new rpi just yet i was laid off in december of last year so the penny watching has started

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    very good news for you all the new raspberry pi has been paid for just waiting on delivery also got to rework the case as i have decided to keep the lan port but remove the usb ports as they stick out way to far

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    well time for an update sorry about the poor qality photos i just couldent get the light right more work needed on taking photos i think but here we are battery connected buck converter in new pi in screen connected
    what you see on screen is raspbain couldent find my openelec sd also need a few hints how i could make the gui a bit more readable done config settings and when fully booted jumps to a diff res anyway here are the photos

    alot of filling to do were i have cut to much out and prep work to be done

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    well my project is comming very close to been done i have the gameboy buttons working and controling xbmc i cheated i tulk an old keypard apart worked out what pin sequnce gives what kaypress and then soldered that to the buttons i have up down left right select is back start is enter a is the latter a and b is the latter be hopefully that will allow me to run an emulator for games i just wish they was a simpler way to put media on it rather then over the network this may be solved at a later date if the right usb pen comes along but i can fun and external hdd off the usb port if i need just need to work out some way of doing a video of it to show you the results still a few little kinks to fix like making film titles readable in xbmc other then that it works

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    i have just done a video for you all i am very very sorry about camera control i was using my phone it is the only way i have to record anyway i hope it is enoth for you all to see what i hace done and explain a bit more any questions just ask away the link goes to my drop box account were i hope you will be able to download it
    hope you all enjoy

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