I see siliconrepublic.com have yesterdays (or 2 days ago) news as usual.
This time on the Wii U specs/performance.


You might as well be reading yesterdays newspaper as looking at their website if you ask me. It's an ok site to catch up on anything Irish tech related but when they post anything from outside of Ireland it always shows them up.

I remember them doing reviews of the iPhone and iPad and a few other things and the only pictures they put up were stock images of the devices. I mean, if you really have a device to review you use your own pictures.
Otherwise people will just think your reading the reviews on Engadget etc and reposting their review with a few word changes.

Anyway, thats my bitching over with for the moment.

The Wii U is really starting to look decent I think. I don't really care that it doesnt have Bluray or DVD playback options. I have my PS3 for bluray anyway.